Thank you for visiting Marty’s Ever since I was an young child, I have enjoyed taking pictures.  My first camera was a Kodak Intstamatic camera and today my camera of choice is Sony NEX-7. During my high school years I learned how to take better pictures and that knowledge gave me the opportunity to provide many images for my high school yearbook.

 I loved photography so much that I built my own darkroom out in our famly barn.  I spent many long hours in that darkroom developing the pictures I took when I was on some adventure.  However over the years my work responsibilities took priorty over my photography and I had little time to spend in the darkroom.

Then came the digital age and Photoshop–no longer did I have to spend hours preparing chemicals or being cloistered in a small room to produce just a couple of  images.  With the computer and Photoshop I can work on my photographs as time allows, without the set-up time and messy chemicals. Now armed with a more productive way of producing my photos, came another challenge of  how to share these images with family and friends.  I did not want to impose on anyone by hauling out photo albums and having them sit and look at each book.  I also did not want to clog anybody’s email with streams of  jpeg images.  I found the answer to this delimma with the Internet and this website, . Now I can share my images with family and friends without pressuring them for their time or putting them on the spot about how they feel about the pictures.  This site will give me the chance to express my very amateur photography and, just maybe, bring enjoyment to others. 

Over the past couple of years I have found the joys of video.  One day I was photographing a moving subject and accidentally hit the video button on my sony nex-7.   This changed my entire focus on picture taking.  A whole new world has opened up.  Now I prefer making short videos to share with my friends.   Martypix will now be featuring videos instead of stills.  I still love  getting a great snap shot but video tells a better story for me.  So I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy what you see .

Take Care.