You can put away your rose-colored glasses when visiting Zion National Park because Mother Nature has colored everything for you. You will find yourself driving or hiking beneath steep cliffs, skirting rushing water and surrounded by rock formations like nowhere else on earth – and all colored in rich shades of cream, pink and red. Also living in this beautiful place are a host of unusual plants and animals that are unique to Zion. All of this scenic beauty has been sculptured by the Virgin River which over the years has cut through the rock and shaped the canyons.

There are walks and trails that provide views of Zion for those who want an easy (Riverside Walk), moderate (Watchman Trail) or strenuous (Angel’s Landing) hike. National Park Recreational Use Passes are required as you enter the Park. Whether you are a hiker or would rather study and contemplate life and nature in a wilderness setting, Zion provides just the right atmosphere for an exceptional vacation experience.