A visit to the Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills is to slip into the past and find yourself on the dusty main street of the old west. Truly an exercise for your imagination and your body, walking along the street of movie facades or on the trails through picturesque hills, you will suddenly be transported right into the middle of countless movies and television shows. Careful where you step – you could be walking in the footsteps of Alan Ladd, Bob Hope, Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott or Glen Ford, (among countless other stars) all of whom have worked on the Paramount Ranch. Not only movies but television shows such as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” also brought the Paramount Ranch right into our living rooms. Through the 30s to the 70s the western town was built and rebuilt to resemble whatever western or other exotic locale was needed for the current movie being filmed by Paramount Studios. In 1980 the Ranch became part of the National Park Service and even though it is still used for filming, the 436 acres (including the western town which was rebuilt in 1984) of the original 2,000+ acres, is now open to the public. So, hop on your horse (o.k. so your horse eats gas instead of oats) and get yourself out to Paramount Ranch Road (off Cornell Road) in Agoura Hills, CA, and have a day of fun, imagination and nostalgia.