A Day at the San Diego Botanic Gardens


The next time someone advises you to “stop and smell the roses,” take yourself to the San Diego Botanic Garden located in Encinitas (30 minutes north of San Diego). We’re not sure how many roses you will be able to smell but your visit will be filled with the beauty of natural trees and plants from all over the world. The 37 acres of the Botanic Garden include such exhibits as rare bamboo groves, desert plants, a subtropical fruit garden and native coastal sage areas. A special attraction is the Hamilton Children’s Garden where children can feel at home as they get to know some of nature’s beautiful living things. In addition to California native plants, several sub-gardens have been established to showcase plants from Africa, Australia, Madagascar, South America, the Himalayas, the Middle East, New Zealand and Madagascar. Did you ever wonder where cork comes from? You will enjoy a walk through twisted and majestic trees whose bark has been used for making cork for centuries. A 60-foot waterfall such as can be found in a Tropical Rainforest in New Zealand is faithfully recreated to inspire awe at the beauty of nature’s most unusual offerings.

Whether it’s a fuchsia or hibiscus, cacti or herbs, wildflowers or water plants, you will long remember your day at San Diego Botanic Gardens. Hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm daily; admission is $14.00 for Adults, $10.00 for seniors, students and military, $8.00 for children 3-12 years old. There is a small charge for parking but it is free for 4 or more in a car. The address is: 230 Quail Gardens Dr. Encinitas, California.