A Day At The Gibbon Conservation Center


What looks like a human, flies like a plane and sings like a bird? If you have ever visited the Gibbon Conservation Center, you will have a quick answer for that riddle. It is the amazing Gibbon ape. The one-of-a-kind Gibbon Conservation Center is the location of the only organization in the world devoted exclusively to the study, preservation and propagation of gibbons and to the education of the public about them. The Center provides a natural habitat for the largest group of gibbons in the Western Hemisphere and the only place you will find them outside Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Center’s founder, Alan Mootnick, began his love for the gibbons when he was nine years old and he devoted his life to providing this authentic habitat where gibbons could live and be studied for their own well-being and the educational instruction of mankind. Today the Center assists with gibbon rescue programs and provides consulting services to zoos, museums, governments and individual scientists.

Beginning at dawn the gibbons rise from their sleeping boxes and begin their day by joining together in singing territorial calls which can be heard sometimes as far away as two miles. They then go about their day, swinging through the tree tops using their strong arms, at speeds up to 35 miles per hour, or walking around their habitat on two legs, which is a unique trait of the gibbon ape. Observing the gibbons is a fascinating way to spend time and enjoy being close to some of the rarest animals on earth.

The Gibbon Conservation Center is located in Santa Clarita at 19100 Esguerra Road. Educational tours are available on weekends and by appointment. For complete information, email at info@gibboncenter.org or call (661) 296-2737