A Day at Midsummer Scream 2017

So, what pushes your “scare” button? Is it creepy zombies lurching toward you? Weird looking creatures with bloodshot eyes and fangs ready for a meal? What about buying some incredible one-of-a-kind “friends” to take home and put on your mantle? Well, whatever it is that makes your blood run hot and cold, you’ll find it at the yearly Midsummer Scream in Long Beach. Over 5,800 people attend this year’s scare-a-thon and the outstanding reviews reflect how great it is to get scared out of your wits while having a great week-end of fun. Artists selling their exclusive creations, along with scary movies and panel presentations about “horri-ble” subjects and people in costume (both professional and homemade) are all part of the Midsummer Scream and will be sure to give you something to enjoy losing sleep over for a while. The 2017 Scream was held July 29 and 30 in Long Beach. Go to the Scream’s website to get full information and watch for next year’s opportunity to Scream your head off.